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We have limited availability for couples therapy at this time.

Most available appointments are self-pay only starting at $165 per session.

Couples Therapy

Relationship counseling is not just for couples with extreme problems, conflicts or issues. There are times when even the healthiest and happiest of us need a little assistance to navigate through life. When we are one half of a couple in a committed relationship, sometimes there are ups and downs. Although it is completely expected and normal to experience these challenges and difficulties, at times they can seem particularly magnified. This is when Couples Therapy can help.


Couples Therapy is a form of psychotherapy or counseling designed to help partners recognize and resolve any form of conflict or challenges that may weigh on their relationship. It can also help to understand how old or learned patterns of behavior impact the current relationship. 

Some of the more common benefits of Couples Therapy include:

  • Improving communication skills between two people

  • Discovering the root causes of ongoing or repetitive conflicts

  • Creating better understanding of oneself and one’s partner

  • Encouraging better acceptance of one another

  • Providing the opportunity to increase shared support

  • Restoring emotional and physical intimacy

  • Decreasing emotional detachment or avoidance

  • Restoring emotional strength and building relationship resilience

  • Restoring lost trust between a couple

  • Providing a secure environment and opportunity to heal

Couples Therapy
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