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QUEST's Business Team

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Rich Derks (he/him/his) 

Business Director

Rich is responsible for QUEST’s non-clinical business functions including accounting, finance, I/T, marketing, compliance, human resources, and operations. He is passionate about continuous improvement in the mental health industry, and in creating a caring environment for QUEST's clients.  Prior to QUEST, he held executive positions in the health care industry including Vice President at Johnson Health Tech in the Madison area and President of Medline's Durable Medical Equipment Division in the Chicago area. He earned his MBA-Marketing and BS-Industrial & Systems Engineering degrees from the University of Wisconsin.

Ph (608) 567-4465, Ext. 103

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Stephanie Derks (she/her/hers) 

Business Specialist

Stephanie is QUEST’s Business Specialist working on a variety of Human Resources, Marketing, I/T, and financial projects. She also manages QUEST's intake team. Stephanie is a licensed educator with degrees in Elementary Education and Special Education from UW-Madison. Prior to QUEST, Stephanie worked as a Special Education teacher for nearly a decade.

Ph (608) 567-4465, Ext. 129

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Janet Cassidy (she/her/hers) 

Billing Specialist

Janet brings over 30 years of business experience to QUEST and loves a good puzzle; so she is well-suited to figure out the ever-changing world of medical billing. She keeps current on all the latest regulations to ensure a favorable outcome for QUEST Counseling and the client.  When Janet is not billing, you can find her on one of her many outdoor adventures.

Ph (608) 567-4465

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Maggie Brhel (she/her/hers) 

Intake Coordinator

Maggie Brhel is a passionate advocate for mental health awareness and accessibility and is dedicated to helping clients in any way she can as one of our Intake Coordinators. She is pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Communication Arts and certificates in Gender and Women's Studies as well as Graphic Design at UW-Madison, where she will graduate in Spring 2023. Having grown up as a young LGBTQ+ person and within the Jewish community, Maggie offers a unique and warm perspective that advocates heavily for self-care, self-advocacy, and community.

Ph (608) 567-4465, Ext. 102

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Elizabeth Kielley (she/her/hers)  ​​

Intake Coordinator

Elizabeth works as an Intake Coordinator welcoming clients throughout the intake process. She plays an active role in finding a provider that is a great fit for you. Elizabeth enjoys creating a positive client experience for all individuals at QUEST. Elizabeth is passionate about creating safe and welcoming spaces for all through a focus on accessibility and inclusion. She spent the early stages of her career working as a Special Education teacher in Madison. If you are interested in working with a provider at QUEST, Elizabeth is ready to help you get started.

Ph (608) 567-4465, Ext. 102


Jeanne Fisher (she/her/hers)  ​​

Administrative Assistant

Jeanne is part of our Administrative/Intake Team at QUEST. Early in her career, she served 8 years in the Army Reserves with a transportation and medical unit. She received her Associate Degree in Health Information Technology in 2012 from Rasmussen College. She has experience in the medical field as a receptionist for both a physicians’ office and ER department. She is passionate about helping our clients.

Ph (608) 567-4465, Ext. 102

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