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Telehealth offers treatment provided by our therapists through a secure video connection in our SimplePractice client portal. Clients can interact with their therapists the same way they do during in-person sessions, just from a distance.

All telehealth sessions must comply with state and local laws to follow a specific set of HIPAA-compliant standards. To participate in this type of therapy, users must have a secure internet connection, a private place to talk, and access to a computer, or tablet. Just like a face-to-face appointment, our therapists will maintain a private and confidential environment. It will be up to the client to maintain a secure environment at their location. We do not record or store any video sessions. 

Depending on the client, teletherapy can be an effective alternative to  traditional in-person therapy. Many people enjoy the flexibility and accessibility that telehealth provides. People can attend appointments in the middle of the day without worrying about traffic or transportation. 

Tips for Telehealth Success

  • When deciding the best place for your telehealth session, you will want to choose a space that is private and away from household members, coworkers, pets or any other potential distractions. The key to successful teletherapy sessions is to ensure you can offer your undivided attention to your sessions, allowing you to gain the most out of your discussion. 

Online counselling
  • Join the video session a few minutes early to test your settings. 

  • If you have questions about the appointment, please contact our Intake Team at or 608-567-4465.

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