Diversity and Inclusion

QUEST Stands in Solidarity.

QUEST Counseling and Consultation Center is inspired by and in support of those who are speaking out against continued racial injustice. Enough is enough. We hear you. We see you. We are here for you. It is time for systemic reform, safety, and equality for all people. QUEST stands with you and we commit to more intentional action to eliminate the systemic injustice, racism, and discrimination that so many in our communities endure.

We are listening and learning— Niquanna Barnett, MS, MFT, RPT will address our entire staff. She will provide invaluable insight on the systemic impact of historical and intergenerational trauma of oppressed people. We also have a therapist book club. We’ve committed our focus to better understand the impact of systemic trauma and ways we can be part of the solution. 

We are acting— QUEST has initiated the exploration of organizations to support both emotionally and financially through this revolution of change. Stay tuned for more specific information.

Below are some inspiring images of artwork created by unknown artists in downtown Madison, Wisconsin .

Fair Trade Coffee House (Artist: Triangular)



Madison Modern Market (Artists: Sapphina, Zaria)


silince is complicity